Hinge Boxes

The hinge box is a strong and durable double-tray clamshell crafted from high-density binder’s board. The standard hinge box is covered in durable Summit/Buckram cloth, available in a variety of colors.  Titling is foil stamped directly onto the cloth.  Minimum thickness for a hinge box is 3/8″.

Pricing starts at $75.35. Bulk pricing available. Contact us for a quote!

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Handcrafted, Custom Fit

Hinge Boxes Archival-Boxes.com

Every hinge box is handmade to fit each individual item perfectly. Email us the measurements using our convenient order spreadsheet.  Worried about measuring your items correctly?  View our Tips on Measuring, or contact us to arrange shipment of your items to our facility so we can do the measuring for you!

(Nearly) Infinite Personalization

Hinge Boxes Archival-Boxes.com

The standard hinge box is covered in durable Summit/Buckram cloth, but we offer a wide variety of bookcloths, imitation leathers and genuine leathers.  View our selection.  Still don’t see what you want?  Contact us to make a special request.

Archival Protection

Hinge Boxes Archival-Boxes.com

We use high-density, acid free binder’s board to construct our enclosures.  Our PVA adhesive meets library binding standards for long term stability.  The trays are lined with paper that has a 3% alkaline reserve.  The custom fit of the hinge box helps protect items from exposure to light, water and harmful pollutants.



Standard foil stamping is available in black, white or gold.  Additional colors and fonts are available via our special print upgrade. We also offer foil stamped, laser printed and genuine leather labels.

Specialized Support


We offer additional options to provide full protection for your valuable items.  The interior trays can be modified to support items that are too thin or are uniquely shaped.  Clasps can be added to provide gentle restraint for warped book boards and vellum bindings.

Hinge Box Order Forms

Hinge Box Order Forms
Excel 2007+